Author: Imran Emu

WordPress testimonial plugin

Testimonials are vital for make your business successful. Testimonial reviews helps to build trust with your potential clients before they consider to purchase a products or service.Testimonials links a business relation with a potential clients.Hope , you are willing to add Testimonials in your website and thinking about how to do this . If you are running a WordPress site , adding testimonial review will be full fun . WordPress plugin repository has a good number good WordPress testimonial plugin. A list of WordPress testimonial plugin is given below . you can consider any to install in your WordPress...

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Install wamp server on windows 10

Let’s Install wamp server on windows 10 For developing PHP based Application a web server , PHP software and MySQL Database is required . WAMP provides a combination package of Apache Web server , PHP and MySQL database .It works exclusively on Windows Platform Although , Apache, MySQL, and PHP are free open source projects and can be installed individually, But that process will waste time and the configuration process will not be easy for the beginners. WAMP Server ┬áis popular because it install all the required components together and offers a great user-friendly Visual interface to control the...

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