Best WordPress Form Builder Plugins

Getting your website visitors to contact you is probably the most significant and important factor for any business. Corporations and business owners are always thriving to make their visitors interact with them more consistently. For that, they are choosing to put different forms on their websites. Forms are playing a vital role in areas like sending newsletters, taking payments, and engaging visitors.

If you own a WordPress site, it is high time you put interactive forms on it too. There are thousands of WordPress form plugins to create a form. Here in this article, we will talk about some of the effective form builder plugins that can be easily used. So let’s hit it.

QuForm Plugin

best wordpress form builder plugins

QuForm is a multidimensional WordPress form plugin. With this advanced form builder, you can create custom forms in a matter of minutes. The drag & drop form builder comes with 19 element types with various layouts and tons of options. For example, the edit entry option enables your users to edit their data after submission. You can label the form entries and allocate opt groups in select and multi-select sections. Setting form values from the URL is also possible with this plugin. These options allow you to create forms on which you have complete control.

  • Themes – The QuForm form builder has 11 pre-built themes, including a Bootstrap theme. There are options for your complex or simple need. But if you want to skip the pre-built themes, you have the power to build a theme on your own with this form builder.
  • Styles and animation – You can use 11 different styles on your buttons and 3 different styles on the labels. The buttons also come with animation effects.
  • Conditional logic – You can use conditional logic to show or hide specific fields for specific visitors. You can also set your recipients conditionally based on form values.
  • Security – Your site security is ensured with CSRF protection 3 CAPTCHA options.
  • Options for complex forms – This form builder provides 6 optional filters to trim the unwanted submitted data. If you require specific data from your visitors, you can collect them via 15 completely optional validators.

There are a lot of other awesome features like KendoUI Time & Date Picker, Fancybox 2, and Magnific Pop-up integration, migrate tool integration, RTL support, unlimited email sending, etc. Actually, the features list of QuForm is endless. And this form builder comes with a $29 price.

FormCraft Plugin

best wordpress form builder plugins

It can be easily said that FormCraft is the most powerful third-gen drag & drop WordPress form builder. The reasons behind this claim are aplenty. First of all, the design is gorgeous. Secondly, it works really fast, and the results are completely scalable. The built-in pop-up forms let you show your forms with specific triggers. The plugin is GDPR compliant, making you able to operate anywhere in the world. What’s interesting is that FormCraft is developed in such a way that its users feel at home with the WordPress dashboard. The fonts, layouts, colors, background image, logo placement options, and custom CSS give you the liberty to change the look at your discretion.

  • Dear & Drop feature – This form builder has a live preview option to check back what you have done while building your forms.
  • Add-ons – FormCraft includes 5 add-ons for email subscription, 3 for form interaction, 5 for form interface, and 3 other add-ons like PDF, Multi-Site, and Zapier.
  • Payment gateways – You have the freedom to take your payment gateways and add them with the forms if needed. FormCraft integrates PayPal and Stripe add-ons to facilitate the payment procedure.
  • Save form option – If any of your users are filling up a form and have to stop midway, the form saves all the data by itself. So, when that user comes later to re-fill the form, it pulls the already filled data and gives him/her the option to move forward from that point.
  • Math formulas, triggers, and conditional logic – You can use the mathematical expressions to update a live shopping cart, embed forms to pop-up on any page, or use any element on-page as a trigger to show the form.
  • Analytics – The web form analytics is a great marketing tool. You can get a clear picture of who viewed your forms, how many of them submitted, what's the conversion rate, and what is the payment conversion rates.
  • Responsiveness – FormCraft is designed to look stunning on bigger screens with higher resolution, mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, and even on smartwatches.

You can get all these and more for only 36 US Dollars.

WPforms Plugin

best wordpress form builder plugins

If you are a beginner and in search of a user-friendly WordPress form builder plugin, WPforms would be an excellent choice for you. The drag & drop builder is as straightforward as it gets. You can be a totally non-technical person and yet build a super-responsive form in just minutes. You don’t need to hire any developer or write any single line of code. Everything is done for you. You just need to drag the elements and drop those as per your requirement. You also have the power to customize your forms completely. There are HTML blocks, section dividers, and custom CSS to help you with all the customizations. And the filters and hooks enable the developers to extend the functionality even further.

  • Templates – You can build contact forms, payment forms, survey forms, newsletter forms, and registration forms with over 100 pre-built templates.
  • Multi-page forms – If you require a long-form, you can split it into multiple pages to improve your site's UI.
  • Smart conditional logic with instant notifications – You can easily create forms based on smart conditional logics and respond to your leads quickly by instant notification.
  • Lead management – All the collected leads from your forms can be seen in a single place to streamline your workflow efficiently.
  • File upload with spam protection – With WPforms, you can allow your users to upload files and media, and protect spam submissions by smart captcha and honeypot.
  • Add-ons– This form builder comes with PayPal add-on, Stripe add-on, AWeber, Constant Contact, MailChimp, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign, Drip, Custom CAPTCHA, and many more.

The price range starts from $39.50/year to $299.50/year.

eForm Plugin

best wordpress form builder plugins

For a complete form management solution, you can pick eForm. With this WordPress form plugin, you can build flexible yet advanced forms for your WordPress  site. And you can view, analyze, and track the data as all the submissions are stored in a database. Making an interactive form with this plugin is super easy because of its conditional logic and piping. The social sharing buttons let your users share quiz results and submissions on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. There is an option of pre-populating fields based on different data like URL and metadata. You can also get a specific pattern of text from your users via the input masking system. All-in-all, this plugin can create wonders for your site.

  • Form builder – eForm is a live form builder meaning you can always check back what you are doing with it.
  • Payments – You can accept payments via this plugin as it integrates, PayPal, and Stripe. It also has an offline payment gateway integration to give you some extra facilities.
  • Mailing – send emails to your visitors via MailWizz,, MyMail, Enormail, and MailLite.
  • Theme options – eForm offers 38+ attractive themes to its users.
  • Others – Among other features, it has jSignature element, repeatable fields, leaderboard functionality, conditional logic, mathematical evaluator, LaTeX support, automatic quiz tools, and many more.

This giant of a WordPress form builder will cost you $39.

NEX-Forms Plugin

best wordpress form builder plugins

Another handy WordPress plugin to create forms is NEX-Forms. You can create 12 different types of forms with NEX-Forms. The interactive forms can be used for visitor interaction. Cost estimation forms can calculate the total amount based on users’ selections. Booking forms can be helpful for any event or hospital. Payment forms can be used to receive payments and donations. For making a market survey, there is the option of making survey forms. All these complement your business or serve your purpose to the fullest extent.  

  • Analytics – NEX-Forms comes with for analytics option, giving you the power to see the stats of form views, submissions, and interactions so that you may act upon them.
  • Math and conditional logic – It has math logic to calculate costs based on user selections and conditional logic to show/hide certain form elements based on users' input.
  • Interactive forms with 50+ elements – You can create a fully interactive form to give your users a real feel. You will get over 50 elements to create those forms.
  • Report creation and export of submissions – You can generate a report based on the submissions and export them to CSV and PDF.
  • Pre-populated fields – This plugin can auto-fill certain fields based on different criteria like URL, User Info, etc.
  • Admin panel personalization – With NEX-Forms, you can create an admin panel exactly according to your taste.

There are a lot of other features that make this plugin really worthy to have at a $39 price.

ARForms Plugin

best wordpress form builder plugins

ARForms is a truly versatile WordPress form builder plugin. You will need ZERO coding knowledge to create a form using ARForms. It not only provides you with amazing WordPress contact forms but also with advanced multi-step forms. You can process all the forms created with this plugin at the speed of a thunderbolt. The all-new User Interface will give your visitors a real-time experience. Material, rounded, or standard – pick from any of the 3 versatile styles of forms. 

  • Loading time – ARForms is optimized for quick loading.
  • Multiple resizable columns – You can create multiple columns with resizing options simply by dragging the border between fields.
  • Pop-up – It has a built-in pop-up option, so you don't need to buy another plugin for a pop-up. You can also make your forms pop-up when your visitors click on any item in the navigation menu.
  • Submission action – It offers 4 different form submission option.
  • Confirmation – You can show a confirmation or summary of the submitted data to your users right away.
  • Notification and marketing – You can notify both admin and user after a form is submitted, and different emailing platforms integration enables you to send emails to your subscribers.
  • Templates and elements – It has 50+ pre-built templates with over 30 elements.

ARForms costs $39.

Super Forms Plugin

best wordpress form builder plugins

With its unlimited options and user-friendliness, Super Forms can steal your concentration in no time. This drag & drop form builder can build a simple or complex form based on conditional and math logic. Whenever a visitor submits a form, both the visitor and the admin get notified with emails. And the automatic update feature always keeps you ahead of time.

  • Fully responsive forms with email auto-responders – You can build responsive forms and send custom emails automatically to your users.
  • Hidden fields – You can use hidden fields on your forms with dynamic or static values.
  • Contacts functionality – It will save the contacts from data submission, and all the data can be exported to CSV.
  • File upload and security – Users can upload files and media, and you can ensure that those are coming from a real human by using the Google reCAPTCHA.
  • Others – Other features of this plugin includes RTL support, live preview, SMTP settings, variable fields option, auto-complete feature, custom regex, and many more.

The regular price of this plugin is $39.

Form Builder Plugin

best wordpress form builder plugins

Filling forms are a massive way to collect data from your users. And this Form Builder from Elfsight is arguably the best WordPress form plugin to build super-converting filling forms. A site owner may need its visitors’ information for a wide range of reasons. Form Builder forms help site owners achieve just that. The most stunning feature of this plugin is the freedom of form positioning. And these forms can be integrated with the site quite effortlessly.

  • Form creation – With this plugin, you can create any form, such as survey form, feedback form, contact form, etc.
  • Freedom on positioning – You can position the forms anywhere you want on your site.
  • Security – You can protect spamming by reCAPTCHA.
  • Progress saving – Data is saved in every step, so that when your users need it, they can start from right where they left off.
  • Live updates – If the developers of this plugin bring new features or fix any bugs, it will automatically be installed on your site.

Form Builder from Elfsight is priced at $28.

Ninja Forms Plugin

best wordpress form builder plugins

If you are searching for a plugin that is rich in features yet so simple to use, you are at the right spot. The beginner-friendliness of this plugin has made it a must-have when people think of purchasing a WordPress form plugin. This plugin lets you build beautiful and user-friendly forms that can be used for various purposes. Another cool thing is that if you are in a fix about anything regarding the plugin or the form itself, Ninja Forms authority will give you their full support.

  • Useful for both noobs and pros – The plugin itself is just perfect for any newbie with little or no coding skills. But at the same time, it's also useful for pro developers with its add-ons.
  • Payments and donations – Accept credit card payments or PayPal payments and donations via any of the forms.
  • Lead generation – Collect and grow your business leads as this plugin integrates SalesForce, Zoho, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and many more.
  • Productivity and team tools – Ninja Forms integrates tools like Slack, Trello, and Zapier for better productivity.
  • Marketing – You can use your collected leads to grow your business as Ninja Forms supports email marketing software like Constant Contact, iContact, Aweber, etc.

The price range of Ninja Forms starts at $49.50 and can extend to $249.50.

DHE Forms Plugin

best wordpress form builder plugins

If you are accustomed to using Elementor Page Builder, this WordPress form plugin will be ideal for you. A couple of features make this plugin fruitful for a site owner. To start off, this plugin can be used to collect data from users. All the submitted data are saved in a database and can be sent via email. You may display the form either with shortcodes or with pop-ups. Let’s have a look at some other features of DHE Forms.

  • Create any sort of forms – With DHE Forms, you can build a customer form, a contact form, a donation form, or a custom form as per your need.
  • Drag & drop form builder – All the elements can be used simply by dragging and dropping on where you want.
  • Form validation – Form validation is ensured by AJAX form functionality.
  • Resubmission protection – Prevent your users to resubmit the same form either willfully or by mistake.
  • Conditional logic and email notifications – You can use conditional logic in the forms and send instant notifications after submission.

The plugin’s price is $20.

From this discussion, we can see that different form builder plugins come with different features. Selecting the right plugin for your needs is more important before choosing a plugin. If you are looking for a form builder plugin with basic elements and lower prices, Form Builder from Elfsight is good for you. For tons of features and customizability, refer to Ninja Forms, QuForm, FormCraft, or WPForms. If you are confused about your needs and seek any expert help, you may contact us anytime.

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