10 Best WordPress Quiz & Survey Plugins to Increase Engagement

WordPress quiz plugins are the best possible approach to engage more readers to your website through fun, exciting, or knowledgeable quizzes. The plugins come with short-codes, all you need to do is to place the shortcodes, and your quiz is ready. Additionally, all the plugins are search engine optimized; so, no additional work is needed. WordPress quiz test is a cost-efficient way to attract visitors and collect lead from your website. The quizzes are shareable on multiple platforms; as a result, you can drive more traffic to your website in no time. The basic characteristics of a quiz plugin are the ability to customize tests, see participant statistics at the backend, share on different social platforms, give points, give feedback or suggestion, and lastly, can integrate with email marketing campaigns such as MailChimp to collect leads. In this article, the description and features of 10 best WordPress Quiz plugins will be mentioned for you to choose from. So, keep on reading to find out.

Modal Survey

WordPress Quiz & Survey Plugins

Modal Survey is a Premium version WordPress quiz Plugin which uses poll and different types of quizzes to engage more visitors and understand the mindset of the customer to give product recommendation or better customer service. With this plugin, you can do unlimited surveys, questions, and answer sessions with an animated display like a progress bar, pie chart, or a simple text format. It can offer valuable resources or links at the end of the survey, which ensures more user participation. Moreover, you can request for participant’s name and email address at the end of the questionnaire or simply put a message for your participant’s on your behalf. Additionally, you can integrate Mailchimp, Freshmail, GetResponse, MadMimi, MailChimp, MailPoet, MyMail, SimplyCase, and YMLP to your website.

  • Conduct customer satisfaction survey: With the aid of a visual poll builder, you can conduct a customer feedback survey and see the result in the graphical form.
  • Trivia Quiz: This format of quiz is popular as it has a share button to share the quiz on Facebook. With this BuzzFeed type of quiz content, you can easily attract visitors to your site and increase the traffic without much-paid advertisements.
  • Product recommendation survey: With this plugin, you can easily suggest a product to the customers based on their answers as you can set a dependent and branching quiz.
  • Personality test: This test can be conducted to evaluate the type and interest of a customer. The questions and answers can be sorted into different categories, and the results will be displayed based on a chart based on the category score.
  • Import and export: You can import the questionnaires from a CSV file and export it as PDF, CSV, XML, and JSON.
  • Shortcodes: You can display the quiz on any page, anywhere on the page, and any number of times you want. You simply need to add the shortcodes.
  • Timer: You can set timers for the entire quiz, or can set the question timer to make things more exciting for the visitors.

BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

BuzzFeed Quiz Builder allows the users to create quizzes and attract more readers to their WordPress site or blog. The quizzes are fully responsive with two available formats – Trivia and Personality Quiz, and the quizzes are fully responsive. So the visitors can play the quiz on smartphones whether the smartphone is powered by android, IOS, or Windows Operating System. Moreover, the plugin is designed in such a way that the user either has to give the email address or share on Facebook to see the results; thus, it will help you gather more leads. Additionally, the plugin is multi-lingual; this will help you to attract more visitors and drive more traffic to your website.

  • Works on every theme - BuzzFeed Quiz Builder plugin works on every site.
  • Active Campaign Sync - Captured emails of the users can be stored in the Active Campaign lists of the site. Moreover, you can add the collected email addresses to your marketing platforms such as MailChimp.
  • Monetization - This feature of the plugin can increase page views with the browser refresh system.
  • Customizable – Customizable features can help the users to create the customized CSS theme.
  • Auto-Update - BuzzFeed Quiz Builder plugin updates automatically through the Auto-Update feature.
  • Google Analytics: You can track people with google analytics to understand your visitors' behavior and interest and track the number of shares.

WP Quiz

WP Quiz

With the WordPress quiz plugin, users can create interactive quizzes that people would love to play and share with their friends. It is a popular way to gain a place in the online market platform. You can create six different types of quizzes – Trivia, Personality, Swiper, Facebook, Flip, and List. With so many different quiz types, you can attract visitors from various social media platforms. The plugin is fully responsive and works well with any theme. 

  • Increase the Viral Traffic – WP Quiz feature can increase the number of visitors and users in a site by creating likable quizzes
  • Collect Email Addresses – WP Quiz features can help to collect the emails of the users by implementing the "ask for email" option before the start of the quiz
  • Reduce the Bounce Rate – WP Quiz features can keep the players engaged in the site, and reduce the falling rate.
  • Advanced Statistics- The plugin will show statics about the players and the quizzes.
  • Doing Survey – You can convert a quiz into a poll using the WP Quiz feature for survey, feedback, or recommendations.
  • Earn more – You can make money by showing advertisements between the quiz sessions, and can also enable the page reloading feature.
  • Payment- You can take payment from the players using Stripe or PayPal.



Quizmaker is a platform where exams can be taken and given online. There are no bounds for questions, answers, and tests. It contains various kinds of questions and follows different patterns for each question. There can be a single answer based questions, multiple-choice, or even text-based questions. It saves your time as it is very easy to set WordPress quiz test and customize accordingly. With this plugin system, you can even rank test givers by the score of their quiz. Moreover, you can provide downloadable certificates. Tests can be played as a guest; you can export test results into a CSV file and add questions by uploading a CSV file to your site. 

  • Quiz timer: It has a timer set up for every quiz. Once the time is over, the quiz will be automatically submitted.
  • Unlimited amount of quizzes: You can take as many quizzes as you want and each with different questions and answers as well. Moreover, the quizzes can be answered in a drag and drop style.
  • Quiz statistics: After the submission of each quiz, there'll be data updated with a graph with statistics on your dashboard.
  • Quiz paper checking system: It will give proper data to users. The mistakes made by them, the correct answers, and also the percentage of the result.
  • Attached images: You can attach pictures to make examples look understandable.
  • Customized quizzes: Height, width, color, and background of the quiz paper can be selected for every quiz.
  • Supports multi-response questions: If your question requires more than one answer, you can set such questions as well.
  • Branching: This feature allows you to direct the user to another question based on their answer.

Advisor Quiz

Advisor Quiz

The advisor quiz plugin system is a field where you can boost your website by giving users what interests them. There are four types of quiz formats available- content, trivia, personality, and count. All the WordPress quiz tests can be played in 3 different formats – presentation, image grid, or minimal. Create your quiz and choose the desired layout; however, you can customize each feature, color, or format as per your needs using simple CSS. The main advantage of the advisor quiz is the ability to enhance the number of users who will visit your website by suggesting them proper content. With this WordPress plugin system, you can create a large community that will be connected to your website.

It supports WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and any custom post type. 

  • Dependent questions: After every correct answer, users can have the next question to answer. That will increase their interest in the website.
  • Activity tracking: Tracks the activity of users from the quizzes they gave by the statistics about what they care about.
  • Individual questions: Creates questions depending on the personality of the users to provide suggestions at the end of the quiz that may interest them.
  • Feedback given on quizzes: Users will be asked about questions with different answers. Each option will contain clues attached to it.
  • Display options: Text labels, font size, and box chosen for feedback can be edited with various options.
  • Get leads:The visitors will be asked for their email addresses to get to know about their results and will be provided more content in return.

Quiz and survey master

Quiz and survey master plugin is one of the most popular and progressive WordPress quiz plugins. Surveys are done for customer and employee contentment. Users can have a limited amount of tries to take the quiz or survey, and this can be set manually by the admins. Moreover, you can set certificates as well as show leaderboards to make the participants feel competitive. 

  • Texts can be modified: Everything can be edited again, even after users have seen or taken the quiz and survey.
  • Different question patterns: Questions can be made single answer based, multiple-choice, fill in the gaps, true/false based, number-based, etc.
  • Hint about the correct answer: Gives a hint to the user that how the answer may be the correct answer.
  • Formulas are given: Math formulas are displayed for users to take the WordPress quiz test.
  • Comment boxes after each question: Users can leave a comment about the question in the comment box like is the question good enough or what type of improvement is needed.
  • Set time limit: Time is limited for each quiz or survey. The admins can set it.

Buzzfeed style quiz plugin

Buzzfeed Style Quiz

With this plugin, you can create WordPress quiz tests, just like Buzzfeed. However, the quiz format is similar to that of the personality test, where the players will be given feedback. It has a responsive layout. Moreover, the quiz can be set as questions or images; you can set an unlimited number of questions per quiz and an unlimited number of quizzes.

  • Encourage visitors: This quiz plugin style interest visitor to take part in personality-based questions.
  • Customize results: There are several answers for each question in this quiz plugin system; so, results can be customized depending on the personality of the user.
  • Image-based question: Questions using images as options. Users can answer by choosing an image.
  • Points provided for each question: Every answer is acceptable in this plugin; hence, each question has points decided for it. The result of the quiz is decided by the points.
  • HTML coded questions: Besides text and image questions, there are HTML coded questions such as YouTube embed videos.
  • Social system message: Quizzes' answers can be shared in social media to gain more visitors.
  • Advertising: You can give advertisements in between the quiz questions to earn more.


OnionBuzz is a WordPress quiz plugin that assists you in inserting creative and thriving content with the help of shortcodes to enhance the quality of your quizzes on your WordPress website. It can be easily integrated with any WordPress theme, and it can be implied very easily. The plugin offers quizzes in many formats – trivia, personality, check-list, flip cards, and ranked list. With so many formats, you can create fun and popular quizzes in no time. This plugin can also be used for assessing the intelligence of its participants via quizzes, which consist of a set of creative questions based on a wide range of topics like history, science, languages, etc. 

  • Rank system – Quizzes based on similar topics answered by multiple viewers can be ranked based on the scores of each participant by using the Trivia widget.
  • User interface – OnionBuzz has one of the best sets of themes and colors for its different interfaces, making it more attractive.
  • Shareable – Scores of the quizzes, as well as ranks, can be shared on different social media platforms. Moreover, you can lock the result and force the participant to share the result on the social media platform to see the result.
  • Question view – The questions of the quiz can be displayed serially in a list or can be viewed one question at a time.
  • Increase subscribers- You can integrate MailChimp in the plugin settings for email. You can even send results via email, which will help you collect more leads.
  • Statistics- Statistics regarding the players and the answers to the questions can be seen and analyzed at the backend.
  • Advertisement- You can integrate it with Google Adsense, and display advertisements in between the quizzes to earn money.

ARI Stream Quiz

ARI Stream Quiz is a WordPress quiz plugin that lets you create BuzzFeed like quizzes in your WordPress site, which helps gather leads and generates traffic in the site, all without the hassle of having to deal with irritating alerts or popups. It lets you set an unlimited number of quizzes; it can display multiple questions on the same page, and the questions are displayed in random order. The plugin is fully responsive, and you can export the result in CSV format. Although the plugin does have themes available, you can also add a new theme. Additionally, you can show different content at the end of the quiz based on the answers.

  • Trivial & Personality Quizzes- You can create trivia and personality quizzes which support the selection of multiple answers for each question.
  • Varying Personalities- For personality quizzes, multiple distinct personalities can be displayed as the results.
  • Email marketing- Supports integrating tests with ActiveCampaign, AWeber, ConstantContact, Drip, GetResponse, MailChimp, MailerLite, and Zapier email marketing services.
  • Shareability- Share results through social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or by email.
  • Statistical Data- Provides statistical data for each quiz.
  • Shortcodes- You can embed the shortcodes or IFRAME to post quizzes on different pages.

Quiz leads

Quiz leads

Quiz leads is a WordPress quiz plugin used to create WordPress quiz tests to collect leads. After taking the quiz, the participants will have to submit a form that will contain the personal information of the participant.

  • High user engagement: By taking easy quizzes, users become more interested in this plugin than other plugins.
  • Usage of templates: Templates are used to make the questions seem enjoyable. Users can enjoy solving the WordPress quiz test with such templates.
  • Responder form: This form is to collect leads; so that in future you can send an email on updates of the content.
  • Video training: Videos are also provided in the free version to train the users.

The WordPress quiz plugins are the best solution to drive traffic to your website. If you have a blog or a website and wish to drive traffic and don’t need much functionality, you can use the Quiz leads plugin. It is not a versatile plugin; however, it serves its purpose and is very simple to use and modify. However, if you plan to create a quiz website related to different subjects, OnionBuzz, Buzzfeed Quiz Builder, and Modal Survey can be ideal plugins as it offers various formats and layouts of quizzes to increase engagement and collect and analyze leads. However, you can use any plugin or any feature you like to increase engagement; it’s the content of the quiz that will matter the most. So, add this free marketing tool to your website quickly and see the boost in your website visitors.

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