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Best WordPress Security Plugins 2017 Free and Pro

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WordPress is the easiest and popular platform to build a website within a short time frame. Nowadays the numbers of websites built with WordPress CMS is increasing rapidly and the security of a WordPress website is being a concern also. The malicious hackers can target your website to deface it and take away your web data.Best WordPress security plugins can help you to improve to fix up WordPress vulnerability and harden the security. Besides the WordPress security plugins, there are some others factors that a WordPress web developer should take care to protect the site from being hacked. Here goes some tasks list to do in addition to WordPress security plugins.
Make sure,

  • Your site is hosted in a Secure WordPress Hosting server.
  • The Theme is well coded and has security standard.
  • The WordPress themes & plugins Files and folders have proper permissions.
  • WordPress was installed securely with strong password and database table prefix to rename the default database table names.
  • Harden FTP access and changed the default FTP port.
  • Be careful to install themes and plugin from any untrusted websites.
  • Properly manage the user’s role and permission.
  • Secure your own computer also. Here goes the best free and paid WordPress security plugins, you can install any of them to build an extra layer of protection.


Here goes the list of Best WordPress security plugins

1.iThemes Security.


iThemes Security is a both free and paid WordPress security plugin. It was rebranded its name from Better WP Security.It will be the best WordPress security plugins solution. With its two major security setting categories like recommended and advanced, you can ultimately build a protection fence to your valuable WordPress website.

Reasons to use iThemes security plugin.

1. First time, when you install the plugin and access it’s setting option page, you will find a pop up window to make a Security Check of you site .just hit the secure site button and the plugin itself check your WordPress site security faults and will get alerted if something goes wrong . it cool .
2. iThemes Security free version offers total 30 setting options divided into two categories Recommended (24) and advanced (4). All you have to do, just configure the setting options properly.
3. The mentionable security setting options among the 30 are Security Check, Banned Users, Local Brute Force Protection, Database Backups, File Permissions, Network Brute Force Protection, System Tweaks, Hide Backend, Change Database Table Prefix etc.
4. pro version offers some extra security options.

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2. All In One WP Security & Firewall:

Best WordPress Security Plugins
All In One WP Security & Firewall is an another WordPress security plugin with easy user interface and all necessary features to improve security and firewall of your WordPress website.Many users believe it is the Best WordPress Security Plugins available for free usages. after you Install this plugin, you will find a new menu called wp security with some sub menus under it.

Firstly, from the dashboard, you will get a security strength meter to get the overall security overview of your WordPress website, security score break point and some critical features status.
All In One WP Security & Firewall has multiple security setting options for example
1. Dashboard – get an overview of your security score based on several factors.
2. User Accounts – you will get options to edit username, display name, and password strength meter.
3. User Login – Login Lockdown, Failed Login Records, Force Logout, account activity log, Logged in Users setting options tabs go under this section
4. User Registration – You will get a manual approval of new registrations, registration captcha, registration honeypot.
5. Database Security – Change Database Prefix, Database backup features are available here.
6. Filesystem Security – File Permissions Scan, enable or disable PHP File Editing, WordPress Files access, System Logs.
7. WHOIS Lookup – WHOIS Lookup Information of any domain or IP address.
8. Blacklist Manager – you can Ban IPs or User Agents from this setting section.
9. Firewall – Basic Firewall Settings, Additional Firewall Protection, Enable 6G Firewall Protection, Internet Bot Settings, Prevent Image Hotlinking, 404 Detection Configuration, Custom .htaccess Rules Settings.
10. Brute Force – you can Rename Login Page, Brute Force Prevention Firewall Settings, login captcha setting, Login Whitelist, enable Honeypot On Login Page.
11. SPAM Prevention – Comment SPAM Settings, enable comment spammers IPs, BuddyPress SPAM Settings.
12. Scanner – File change detection scan, automatic Malware scan.
13. Maintenance – option to lock out visitors
14. Miscellaneous – this section has three very important settings like Enable Copy Protection, Enable iFrame Protection and Disable Users Enumeration.

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3. WordFence :

Wordfence is a popular WordPress security plugin with 2+ million active installs and min 2,857 of 5 stars ratings. Wordfence Security is 100% free and open source but you can unlock some extra security features in the premium version. Wordfence combat the security issues some important security setting sections like

1. Wordfence Scan: run a security scan of your WordPress site any time or you can set a schedule to scan your whole site and get a report notification .also, this section has settings options to check mark which files and folders to include in the scan process.

2. Wordfence Web Application Firewall: Identify malicious traffic and block them, tackle WordPress security threats like fake Googlebots, malicious scans from hackers and botnets.

3. Wordfence Blocked IPs: You can manually block any IP to prevent access to your website also block country with advanced IP blocking options.

4. Life traffic: You can monitor the real time activities on your WordPress website .it will provide you all data as it logs your traffic at the server level.

5. Tools: Password audit, Whois Lookup, Cellphone Sign-In and Diagnostics tools are available.

6. Wordfence Options: in this setting, you will find many setting options but some important options will be available in the premium version only.

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4. Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening:

This plugin works great to monitor WordPress site security issues in real time.It has the following great WordPress security monitoring and scanning features …

The Sucuri Security WordPress plugin is free to all WordPress users. It is a security suite meant to complement your existing security posture. It offers its users a set of security features for their website, each designed to have a positive effect on their security posture:

1. it audits the Security Activity
2. Monitors File Integrity
3. Scans the Remote Malware
4. Blacklist Monitoring
5. Effective Security Hardening
6. Post-Hack Security Actions
7. Security Notifications
8. Website Firewall (add on)

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5. Keyy Two Factor Authentication:

Keyy Two Factor Authentication provides a fast and secure login to a WordPress website through Clef mobile app on your Android or IOS Smartphone. It is just an easy process to log in, just open the app on your smart phone and point it at the code shown on the screen.

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6. WP Antivirus Site Protection

WP Antivirus Site Protection is also a mentionable best WordPress security plugin and operates a security scan WordPress website files like theme, plugins and uploads directories to detect malicious viruses and suspicious codes like backdoors, adware, spyware, hidden links, rootkits, trojan horses, worms, fraud tools, redirection and etc.

The plugin is famous for the following critical features
Main features:
Deep scan of every file on your website.
Daily update of the virus database.
Heuristic Logic feature.
Quarantine & Malware removal feature
Alerts and Notifications in the admin area and by email.
Daily cron feature.
The scanner can detect a wide list of malware types.
Whitelist solution after manual review.
Possibility to upload suspicious files to server for review by experts.
View Security reports online
Bruteforce protection
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7. Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication:

Google Authenticator is an extremely secure & simple to setup 2 Factor Authentication for your WordPress website. It secures your WordPress website from hacks and malicious login attempts.

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8. Brute Force Login Protection.

it is a very simple security plugin with a setting page and combat brute force login attacks using .htaccess rules. you can limit the false login attempts before blocking IP from the setting page . and it has an option to send an email notification to the administrator.

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9. BulletProof Security:

BulletProof Security plugin is also one the Best WordPress Security Plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory.It tackles the security issues with the following featureshtaccess File Security Modes – RBM, WBM, HPF, MBM & BBM BulletProof Modes.

1. Login Security & Monitoring (LSM) – Log All Account Logins, Log Only Account Lockouts,
Brute Force Login Protection.
2. Login Security & Monitoring- Here you can Automatically Logout Idle/ Inactive User Accounts or change the WordPress Authentication Cookie Expiration Time.
3. DB Backup & Security – You manually take backup of the full Database or any or any portion and also set a schedule to take automatic backup.
4. Security Log – You will get Logs of Blocked Hackers, Scrapers, Spammers, Bots, etc, HTTP 400, 403, 404, 405 & 410 Logging and Troubleshooting Tool.
5. Maintenance Mode – You can activate the maintenance mode for both front end and backend.
6. System Information – This section will show four different part of your system information, for example, Website Info, SQL Database Info, PHP Server and File, Folder Permissions.
UI/UX info: You can select from available UI/UX theme for the plugin setting panel.
Setup Wizard: One-Click Complete Setup.

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Finally, To monitor Your website and protect it from unexpected incidents, properly install and configure any of Best WordPress Security Plugins.

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  1. Hi Imran!
    I want to add caching to the .htaccess file, but I can not do it. After adding this rule to the file, the site issues a 404 error.
    When turned off the plugin and in the settings turned off “Remove permission to write a file”, changed the permission to 777 and 755 no result.
    May be you are know:
    What am I doing wrong?
    How to add caching(or something else) to .htaccess file if I have iTheme security?

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