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Best WP Super Cache Settings & Configuration Guide 2017

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WP super cache, developed WordPress mother company Automattic, is a popular WordPress cache plugin with 1+ million active installs and over 928 Five stars ratings. WP super cache produces static HTML contents from the Dynamic WordPress website. WP super cache serves the visitors Static HTML page swiftly avoiding the Heady tons of PHP queries. However, to get optimum performance from WP super cache, you should install and configure the settings of wp super cache plugin properly.In this article, I will discuss, every WP Super Cache Settings

How To Install wp super cache?

wp super cache settings

Like other WordPress plugins, you can easily install the wp super cache plugin. just log in to the dashboard of your site and go to the plugins menu and hit the add new sub menu.
You won’t have to search for the wp super cache plugin.You will find it under the featured plugins menu, hit the install now button and activate the plugin.

When the plugin is activated, a new sub menu will be added to the setting menu. so to access the WP Super Cache Settings panel, Go to Settings » WP Super Cache or click on the settings link of wp super cache plugin from the plugins list.

Let’s dive into WP Super Cache Settings area:

Hope, you have reached wp super cache setting panel. The panel has the following setting tabs….
Easy, Advanced, CDN, Content, Preload, Plugins, Debug

Easy Setting Tab:

It is the first step of WP Super Cache Settings, where you will enable the plugin to work and generate HTML cache file.

wp super cache settings

Advanced Setting Tab:

The advanced setting tab has also several sub sections
First two sections are Caching and Miscellaneous. please follow the image below to get instructions about these setting options.
From the caching section –
1. Tick the first radio box to enable the caching. ( also it was done in the first in the easy tab ).
2. Tick the “mod_rewrite” radio button to enable Apache mod_rewrite cache module. this module is a faster than others .it will write several rules in your WordPress website .htaccess file. make sure to update your .htaccess file through the update button.

Miscellaneous section:

In these section Tick the first three options and five and six number. for more clarification follow the image belowThe advanced section is self-explanatory, you should read and check any caching option if the website needs.

wp super cache settings

Cache Location:

Here you can change the default cache files store.
Finally, Hit the update status button.

Expiry Time & Garbage Collection:

You can set the time to set an expiry of the cache file and start generating new files.
The recommended time is 3600 seconds. If you want to get the email notification about the garbage collection checks the Notification Emails option.

wp super cache settings

Accepted Filenames & Rejected URIs:

From this section, you let the plugin, not the generate cache for any specific page or page type.

[button link=”https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-super-cache/” type=”big” color=”purple” newwindow=”yes”] Download The Plugin Here [/button]

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