wamp server windows 10

Install wamp server on windows 10

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Let’s Install wamp server on windows 10
For developing PHP based Application a web server , PHP software and MySQL Database is required .
WAMP provides a combination package of Apache Web server , PHP and MySQL database .It works exclusively on Windows Platform
Although , Apache, MySQL, and PHP are free open source projects and can be installed individually,
But that process will waste time and the configuration process will not be easy for the beginners. WAMP Server  is popular because it install all the required components together and offers a great user-friendly Visual interface to control the server .

Please follow the following steps to Install wamp server on windows 10

Get WampServer to start the journey .


Step 1

1. Firstly , open up your favorite browser and Download the wamp server .wampserver is free and can be downloaded from WampServer site

How to Install wamp server on windows 10

It will show up several options to download based on the windows operating system .

Version for windown 64BIT OS

Version for windown 32BIT OS

Alternative video Tutorial : Install wamp server on windows 10

Step 2

If you do not have Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4. Installed on your computer . please Download from the link below and installed .

wamp server  windows 10

Step 3 – the Run wampserver Executable File .

Hope you have downloaded the wampserver Executable File properly . Lets Right Lick on it and Run as administrator.

install wamp server

Step 4 Agree The License Agreement .

Click “Next ” and check the Radio button to agree the license of WampServer to complete the installation Process .

wamp server  windows 10

Step 5- Windows Firewall :

I your windows firewall is active a dialog box will come up while configuring Apache by WampServer. Click on ‘ Allow Access ‘ by leaving default options to unblock some Apache HTTP Features .

wamp server

Step 6 Finish:

the Final message will appear to ensure that wamp server has been installed properly . Just  click on  ‘Finish ’.

Start Working

You will See a Shortcut link of Wamp server on Desktop and wamp server Icon in the Icon Tray .


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