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Owl Carousel is a responsive and customizable jQuery plugin to create responsive carousel slider in your website . In the WordPress plugin directory , there are a good number of OWL Carousel WordPress Plugins . You can use Owl Carousel WordPress Plugin for Free to build image carousel or post carousel in your WordPress website .these plugins are easy to use and any WordPress user can customize to build website .

Here goes the list of 8 best owl carousel WordPress Plugins list

1. Owl Carousel WP

OWL carousel WP is a Custom Post type based WordPress Carousel Plugin powered by OWL Carousel jQuery plugin. You Will get a new menu on the dashboard left side when you activate the plugin. You can add image, category and title like a traditional WordPress Post from the plugin menu. To display an image carousel, the user need to use shortcode and the images can be filtered by category . In the free version, the plugin has a nice setting panel to control the carousel setting options.

Owl Carousel WordPress

Key Features of Owl Carousel WP –
✅ Has Advanced Setting Panel.
✅ Custom post type with category.
✅ Multiple Carousel can be shown from different Carousel categories.

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2. Owl Carousel by Pierre JEHAN

Another popular WordPress Carousel plugin powered by Owl Carousel. You can display responsive carousel slider in your website .It works using the shortcode and you can customize the carousel adding attributes in the shortcode .

Owl Carousel WordPress

Key Features:

✅ Supports Image slide
✅ Supports HTML slide
✅ WordPress Gallery compatible
✅ Supports Slide link
✅ Has all the Owl Carousel options.

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3. Testimonial

Owl carousel based WordPress Testimonial Carousel slider plugin. This plugin shows beautiful testimonial carousel slider in your WordPress website. This plugin is available in the WordPress plugin directory. TC Testimonial Carousel slider plugin is having a rich setting panel to control owl carousel options and as well as the style tor the plugin’s look. You can manage Background, Text, Navigation, Dots, Middle border and Quote Icon color are change able through the setting panel .
Key Features:

Owl Carousel WordPress

✅ Easy installable.
✅ Fully Responsive.
✅ Supported all Modern browsers
✅ Powered By OWL carousel 2 .
✅ Custom post type .

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4. WooCommerce Product Slider

TC Woo Commerce Product Slider is a woocommerce plugin to display slider in any woocommerce based ecommerce online store. This plugins carousel runs by OWL Carousel . In the TC WooCommerce Product slider , you will get a setting interface to manage it properly .

Owl Carousel WordPress

✅ Key Features:
✅ Carousel for Recent Products
✅ Carousel for Featured Products
✅ Shortcode Ready
✅ Setting Panel
✅ Pagination color is changeable from Setting Panel

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5. OWL Carousel Slider

OWL Carousel Slider plugin is developed by LogicHunt . This plugin is fully responsive and easily customizable Carousel Slider plugin for WordPress. You will need to use shortcode in any page or post to display carousel slider in your WordPress Website.
You can configure the OWL Carousel Slider plugin shortcode using the 40+ parameters .You can display unlimited OWL Carousel sliders in your site without any type of conflict. You can also display video galleries using YouTube or Vimeo videos.

Owl Carousel WordPress

✅ Supports Shortcode System.
✅ Supports Slider Widget.
✅ Supports Responsive Layouts.
✅ Strong Settings Options Panel
✅ One-Click Shortcode Button.
✅ All Owl Carousel Options.
✅ Supports Touch Enabled Navigation.
✅ Supports Mouse Drag.
✅ Support Shortcode.

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6. Carousel

This carousel plugin brings the custom post contents in a carousel slider. You can display image carousel in your WordPress Powered Website. Since it is an owl carousel based WordPress carousel plugin , you will get setting panel in the backend to manage all the carousel options.

Owl Carousel WordPress
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7. WP Owl Carousel

WP Owl Carousel plugin helps to create unlimited image carousel and you can manage setting options individually. When you create a carousel post, you will get a shortcode below the title .
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8. WP Posts Carousel

WP Posts Carousel uses the latest version of Owl carousel version 2.0.0-beta.2.4. You can select your posts to display in a carousel. The plugin has responsive layout design to perfectly display on mobile screens. The plugin has a built-in code generator to generate shortcode and display the content. You can also use it’s powerful widget to display post carousel in the widgets enabled area .

Owl Carousel WordPress

✅ supports for mobile devices.
✅ supports code generator.
✅ supports dedicated widget.
✅ supports Font Awesome .
✅ supports WordPress Popular Posts.
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Finally , among these plugins I listed above , You will find a best owl carousel WordPress plugin to complete your Project .

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