25 Best WordPress Gaming and eSports Themes

WordPress Gaming and eSports Themes

The gaming industry is at an all-time high right now. In 2018 the number of global television and online audience for esports was 395 million. This number is projected to increase to approximately 600 million by the year 2022. If we speak of the revenue, the size of the esports market is currently at approximately … Read more

10 Best WordPress Quiz & Survey Plugins to Increase Engagement

WordPress Quiz & Survey Plugins

WordPress quiz plugins are the best possible approach to engage more readers to your website through fun, exciting, or knowledgeable quizzes. The plugins come with short-codes, all you need to do is to place the shortcodes, and your quiz is ready. Additionally, all the plugins are search engine optimized; so, no additional work is needed. WordPress quiz … Read more

10 Best WordPress Hotel Booking Plugins

WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin

One of the best ways to maintain and run a business is to create productive features and have a visionary solution for every problem that comes along with it. To run a hotel, rental business, service-based business, or even consultation based business automate bookings are extremely important and useful for both the businessmen and the … Read more

20 Best Education WordPress themes

Education WordPress themes

An excellent website of any Educational Institute can attract students. Students firstly come to know about the educational institute, For example, a university through their website before visiting the University.An organized and beautiful website can give students the most favorable impression of the institution. Before you start building any academic website, you will have to … Read more