ProductX Review: The Best WooCommerce Blocks Plugin

ProductX Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks is an all-in-one plugin to create beautiful and unique WooCommerce stores with ease and less effort. It is a new finely crafted WooCommerce solution which is already satisfied more than 1000 users.

There are many useful and popular WooCommerce plugins available. But, why ProductX is better than other popular plugins? That is what I am going to explain in the article.

After installing and playing with all the features, I came to the point that ProductX is the best WooCommerce plugin. Because ProductX is completed with tons of features like quick view, product image flipping, wishlist, and product comparison. By using it we can also provide the listings of products category, featured products, latest products, on sale, and best-selling products to the customers.

ProductX Overview

ProductX is the all-in-one WooCommerce plugin by WPXPO. By using it we can create a unique and attractive product list, product grids, amazing product sliders, desired category list, important product carousel in less than a minute. You don’t need any coding or technical knowledge to use this plugin. You can easily install and start using it without any difficulties. Following are the main features of ProductX.


All in One Solution

ProductX is the all-in-one solution for Online WooCommerce Shop. You can find plugins for every feature you need to add to your shop. But installing and managing multiple plugins is very time-consuming. Not only that, multiple plugins can directly impact your website’s load time which is not good for any website. Users don’t like to visit and stay on a slow-loading site and it is also bad for on-page SEO. So we always try to keep our site as fast as possible. That is why ProductX is the right solution. Because you can get all the useful features in a single plugin, including quick view, product comparison, wishlist, image flipping, filtering products, query builder, etc.

All in One Solution

No coding knowledge required 

Most WordPress users don’t have any coding knowledge. That is why it is the most useful and popular content management system. In the same way, ProductX also doesn’t require any coding knowledge. So that you can easily install and use this plugin by yourself. This will save you money and you can make your online shop as good as you want to make it. And if you want to hire a developer you need to spend a huge amount of money to get your desired online Shop.

No coding knowledge required

WooCommerce Wishlist 

A wish list is an important feature for any online shop. It gives the users to choose multiple products so that they can compare those before adding them to the cart. By using ProductX you can easily add a wish list button to all single product pages. You can also add the wish list to a separate page where users can sort and select their desired products to the cart. Only logged-in users can use this feature and the wish list will be empty after checkout.

WoooCmmerce Wishlist

Product Quickview 

Product Quick view is an interesting and useful feature for online shops. Users can get a popup view of a specific product. So that, they can get all the information about the product without visiting a new page. By using ProductX you can have various options including disabling Quick view on mobile devices, Image gallery inside the popup, redirecting to cart, etc.

Product Quickview

Easy to Compare

ProductX also comes with an amazing product comparison feature. With this feature, users can compare similar products to select the product they want to buy. You can design the comparison popup according to your need with the help of this plug-in.

Easy to Compare

Ready-made Design Library 

You will get ready-made blocks library from which you can choose and customize according to your need. So that, your online shop will be ready within a short time and few clicks.

Ready-made Design Library

Save Template

You can create your design and easily use them anywhere using the save template feature with a simple shortcode. This template also supports popular page builders like Elementor, Oxygen Builder, DIVI, Visual Composer, and all Gutenberg editors including TinyMCE editor.

Save Template

Product Grid Style

Showcasing the products in a grid layout ensures a better user experience. ProductX offers numerous product grid variations and blocks and you can also customize them using the setting section.

Product Grid Style

Product Filter

The Ajax-Powered product filter allows users to filter by category and tag without reloading the whole page. It is the best way to showcase multiple products to the customers. You can choose multiple tags or categories and customize the appearance according to your need.

Product Filter

Product Navigation

There are three types of paginations available to choose from, which are Navigation, Load More, and Numeric pagination. Add any of these three paginations and customize the appearance.

Product Navigation

Product Image Flip

ProductX has this interesting feature of Image flip. So, when the users hover on a product image they will see another image of the same product at the same place. It allows users to explore the products without going into the product page.

Product Image Flip

Product Slider

ProductX allows adding beautiful product sliders to your WooCommerce store. You can customize it with different variations, choose the number of products, and turn off autoplay, dots, and arrows. You can also adjust the Slide Speed.

Product Slider

ProductX Settings and Customization

ProductX gives full control to customize each block using the settings section. You can select any product block and start customizing while editing a page. Let’s take a look at the available options in the settings section.

General Settings: You can choose the number of columns, adjust the gap between columns, and adjust the gap between rows. You can also turn off or turn off other settings to use them.

General Settings

Query: By using the query settings you can select the number of products to be shown on the specific block. Then you can sort products by single or multiple categories or tags. Show the posts by specific order like new to old, Date, Price high to low, Price low to high, etc.


Quick Query: The quick query is the main attraction of the query builder. But is only available for the users of ProductX pro. It allows sorting products by Top rated, Most rated, Most sales, Most Viewed, etc.

Quick Query

Wishlist Style: In the wishlist setting you can choose any color for wishlist and wishlist hover.

Cart: There are multiple options available in the Cart settings including typography, color, border, spacing, and padding.


Price: You have two options for price settings which are color and typography.


Sales: In the sales settings you can change sale style, colors, customize typography, adjust border-radius and padding.


Image: Attractive images of products can increase the number of sales of any online store. That’s why ProductX is giving you all access to customize image appearance. First of all, you can change the size of the image and add hover animation. Then you can adjust the image width and height. 


Title: While editing the title you can play with the title size, title text color, hover color, and typography.


Filter: ProductX comes with the Ajax-powered filter option. You can filter products by multiple tags or categories. So that, users can filter products without reloading the whole page. Then you can also customize the appearance of the filter text. ProductX gives full control of customization including typography, color, border-radius, margin, etc.


Getting Started With ProductX Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks

There are two options to choose from while getting started with ProductX. You can start with the free version or with the premium version to unlock the full potential. The installation process is very easy for both free and paid versions. Let me show you the process of installation of ProductX free and Pro version.

ProductX (Free)

To install the plugin go to the plugin section and click on add new. Now search for ProductX and click on the installation button. After the installation, you have to activate the plugin.

ProductX (Pro) 

To install the pro version of the ProductX plugin you need to buy and download it from the WPXPO website. They offer flexible pricing for three packages. You can choose from Personal, Business, and Lifetime unlimited packages. 

Flexible Pricing For ProductX

Buy any of the available packages. Download the pro version from my order section of WPXPO. Then go to the plugin section of your site and click on add new. Upload the download file of ProductX pro and install it. After the installation, you need to activate the plugin to use it.

“Install and active the ProductX free version before installing the Pro version”

Why You should use ProductX over all other Plugins

As I have mentioned earlier ProductX is an all-in-one plugin to create a WooCommerce store. It has multiple features and customization options. But if you are still confused about using this plugin keep reading to find out more interesting facts about ProductX which makes it unique and a better choice.

SEO Benefits

The whole SEO community is talking about the two new algorithm update recently rolling out. One is the Page Experience update and another one is the broad core update. The ProductX users are sitting back and watching the rankings and traffic improvements.

The WPXPO developers did a great job by optimizing the Plugin for fast loading time. So that, the sites using this plugin are getting benefits from the page experience update and broad core algorithm update as well.

Super Fast Support

The WPXPO team tries to provide the best pre-sale and after-sale support. So you can contact them via the contact form and Facebook messaging. That is one of the best reasons for the positive feedback and review from the users of all plugins of WPXPO.

Best User Experience

ProductX gives the best experience to the users especially to the beginners who doesnt have the coding and technical knowledge. Getting started with this plugin and creating beautiful WooCommerce is very easy. No coding or technical knowledge is required to use this plugin.

Conversion Focused

All plugins of WPXPO are optimized for increasing the conversion rate. ProductX is also a conversion-focused plugin. You have full control over customization which will increase the conversion rate of your online store. 

Documentation and Video tutorial

ProductX has rich documentation and tutorial videos. So you can get all information and guideline about buying, installing, and using the plugin. There is also a FAQ section available from that you can find out the commonly asked question about the ProductX.

Regular Updates

An idle plugin should have the regular update to solve errors and be up to date with WordPress updates. ProductX users get regular updates for both Free and paid versions. The updates come with error/bug fixes and exciting new features.

Final Words 

That’s all about the review of ProductX Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks. Based on all the features, supports, rich documentation, video tutorial, and regular Updates I can easily recommend it as the best all-in-one WooCommerce plugin.