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WordpPress Backup Plugin

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Keeping backup of your wordpress site is a wise job . Your web content will be available to restore when needed. In internet there are some good wordpress backup plugins. Using these plugins you will get a best wordpress backup solution .Nowadays wordpress backup plugin has made the job so easy .

wordpress backup plugin

1. VaultPress

VaultPress takes real-time backup and scan the entire site for security issues . VaultPress plugin is a se of Automattic . The VaultPress plugin is built with the required functionality to backup a site real time and do synchronize all post, user’s comment, media file, revision and dashboard settings on your servers. This plugin is recommended for its scanning and spam protection features

VaultPress Home

2.Backup Scheduler

wordpress backup plugin
Backup Scheduler plugin helps to schedule the backup process . You can backup your entire WordPress website . website’s folders , files and databases .
You may choose where to save the backup files .You can define how frequently you will take backup of your site and decide database should be backed up or not . Impotently , This plugin can email the backup files .
Backup Scheduler Home


3.My WP Backup


My WP Backup is that the best way to protect your website data even in the adverse server envirnment. With the choice to make whole web site data backup and send them through FTP, Google Drive and Dropbox . you’ll sleep simple knowing you are protected.
90% of companies that suffer a data loss ar forced to shut within a pair of years.
Website downtime will be improbably pricey for an online business. Not only will it lead to loss in revenues from advertising or shoppers, however it additionally destroys user trust in your web site and loss of visitors, and a reduced impression of your business.
In addition to it, over 30,000 websites are hacked on a daily basis, which can end in loss or corruption of data!

My WP Backup Home

4. WP Database Backup

WP Database Backup is a great plugin to take backup of wordpress site data and Database on a sinle click . This plugin is very popular and has 50,000+ active Installs.

WP Database Backup Home

5. Backup Guard

wordpress backup plugin
Backup Guard is a cutting age WordPress Backup plugin. Backup Guard offers the easiest way to keep wordpress site backup and make a restore your WordPress based website . User can easily backup site files and database.
Backup Guard Home 

6 – Backup & Restore Dropbox

wordpress backup plugin
Backup & Restore Dropbox plugin takes Backup & Restore Dropbox Plugin to create Dropbox Full Backup both Files and Database. It also can Restore, Duplicate, Clone and Migrate your Website.

Backup & Restore Dropbox plugin  Home 

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