wordpress youtube plugin

wordpress youtube plugin

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Youtube is a great source of Videos and anyone can share videos here . Youtube videos can be embedded in any website . wordpress youtube plugin makes the jobs of embedding youtube video so easy . WordPress Blog or Ecommerce site can add youtube video to visualize their products or describe the content most perfectly.

wordpress youtube plugin list

1.YouTube Embed WordPress:

wordpress youtube plugin

WordPress YouTube Embed plugin allows add videos to your WordPress website easily without coding knowledge.YouTube Embed WordPress is useful and handy , works using shortcode. You can add videos in widgets, posts, pages or anywhere using YouTube Embed WordPress YouTube Embed plugin .
The best features of this plugin is video height and width is manageable .It has Autoplay option , Loop video , fullscreen button display options.

YouTube Embed WordPress  

2. Youtube Master

wordpress youtube plugin
YouTube Master helps to display YouTube videos or great product commercial in WordPress widget area . It can show both single YouTube videos and Video Playlists. The plugin is designed and coded in HTML5 .
You can create Youtube Subscribe Channel button under the video player to grow your channel’s Popularity.

The latest version of this plugin included is Google hangouts launcher that you can do instant messaging, video chat, SMS and VOIP features with this plugin.

Download YouTube Master

3.Youtube Live Stream Auto Embed

wordpress youtube plugin

Youtube Live Stream Auto Embed plugin embeds live stream from a specified YouTube channel . It works using a short code [youtube –live . this plugin has an admin settings page to customize embeded YouTube Player.

Download Youtube Live Stream Auto Embed

4.YouTube Analytics Dashboard

wordpress youtube plugin

Through YouTube Analytics Dashboard  you can  access YouTube Analytics in a simple way in your wordpress site dashboard.

The plugin  displays complete  information  and statistics  of  total views, watched duration , average view duration, and number of comments,  video likes and  dislikes and number of comments directly on your Admin Dashboard.

Download YouTube Analytics Dashboard

5. Youtube Channel Gallery

wordpress youtube plugin
Show thumbnails Video Gallery and single video from a YouTube channel.

Download Youtube Channel Gallery

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