10 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes

The real estate business is all about showcasing. The more you can show, the higher the chances of selling a property. And one very important way to show your properties is a website. There is no other alternative better than this. With a website, you can give your potential customers the power to know the details e.g. a 360-degree view around the property, the floor plan of the house, the street view of the neighborhood, etc. And to establish its importance, we are going to provide just 2 facts here.
Millennials are the biggest home buyers in the market as they constitute 37% of the total home buyers.
100% of millennials use the internet and 47% of the total buyers search online for a property.
So we see that having a strong online presence for your realty business will not only increase your possibility to sell a property but also is a must.
The 2nd important question that arises is – what could be done in this scenario? The answer is really simple. WordPress. Now, among all the different Content Management Systems, why are we recommending WordPress? Because it is easy-to-use and there are some pretty good real estate WordPress themes to set up your online business in minutes.
There are a couple of features that you should have in mind before selecting such a theme. Firstly, the theme should have the option of advanced search with filtering tools. Secondly, a comparison tool is also needed. Other features may include Google maps and Street View integration, IDX listing, front-end submission forms, rating & review system, membership option, etc. We have compiled a list of WordPress real estate themes here that offer the needed features to start and flourish your real estate business real quick.

RealHomes Theme

Real Estate WordPress Themes

RealHomes is specially crafted for the real estate business. It presents your properties’ information gracefully. The theme is powerful and functional. The demo can be installed in just one click. And you can customize the theme according to your needs and choice. The search filter gives your visitors the option to select multiple criteria and search for a property accordingly. They can also set the price range in the search area. The properties are shown in a lucrative way with the exact location. Attaching more details and floor plans, make the properties even more attractive. You can also let agents list their properties by themselves or use the MLS via IDX integration.

  • Page Builder – RealHomes includes the Elementor page builder to provide you super flexibility while building pages. To make your site look more professional, 20 Elementor widgets are also included.
  • Search option – Your visitors can select multiple fields like property price, property status, property type, etc. They will also get up to 4 locations dropdowns. And if you want to make it real quick for your visitors, you can add the search form over an image in the slider area.
  • Location finder – RealHomes integrates Google Maps and OpenStreetMap with property markers. So, people who are searching for a property at a specific location can get refined results.
  • Property showcase layout and comparison – To display your properties, you have 3 different options - grid layout, list layout, and half-map layout. The layouts are supported with meta boxes so that you can sort or filter properties according to your requirements. This theme also provides a properties comparison tool that can be used without login.
  • Other property features – You can add more details to a property, attach files with it, show floor plans, similar properties, and child properties.
  • Features for visitors – If you plan on letting specific visitors access to members-only features, you can add the options of visitor registration, visitor login, forgot password, and registration & login via social networks.
  • Features for agents – For letting agents listing their properties, there is a front-end property submit and management option.

The price of this theme is $59.

Houzez Theme

Real Estate WordPress Themes

Houzez is the #1 bestseller theme in the real estate category of Theme Forest and for good reasons. To start, this WordPress real estate theme comes with 16 pre-built demos which you can install in just one click. Then you have 18 widgets to customize the theme. The theme is translated into 20 languages and is completely GDPR-ready. With tons of features, this theme can be the nucleus of your real estate business.

  • Page builder – It comes with the Elementor page builder. Over 30 Elementor widgets that come with it will make your site dynamic and easy-to-use.
  • Location and property search – Your site's visitors can search for a property with the advanced search option. They can also use the radius search and geo autocomplete locations. Showing similar properties and nearby places can be done too.
  • Houzez Lightbox – Your visitors can view the images of the properties and contact your agents more easily with the Lightbox feature.
  • Virtual tour and floor plan – You can show your visitors the detailed floor plan and give them a 360-degree virtual tour of the property.
  • Currency switcher and mortgage calculator – Visitors can switch between currencies to see how much the property costs in his/her own currency. Visitors can also mortgage payments on the site.
  • Walkability data and property comparison – You can provide your visitors the walkability data as this theme integrates Walkscore API and the visitors can compare different properties side-by-side.
  • Features for agents – You can offer your agents layered subscription options, both paid and free. For paid subscriptions, you can receive payments via PayPal, Stripe, or bank transfer. Your agents have the facility to add properties to the list.
  • Your own marketplace with built-in monetization – With Houzez, you can create a full-fledged realty marketplace of your own where you can control everything just form the back-end. And the built-in monetization system lets you handle money swiftly and securely.

The price of this theme is $59.

WP Residence Theme

Real Estate WordPress Themes

Whether you are an agency or an independent agent, WP Residence will be a good choice for you. This WordPress real estate theme was developed to give you all the flexibility you need. It includes 12 amazing demos with 400+ theme options. All these make your realty business flourish in a great way. It is also translated in 32 languages and is GDPR ready, so you can use it anywhere in the world.

  • Page builder and CRM – For page building, you have Elementor with 16 real estate widgets. And for a smooth content relationship management, WP Residence integrates WPEstate CRM.
  • Search options – WP Residence comes with advanced search options in 9 different designs. Users can also perform a radius search.
  • Property options – You can create properties lists and show them in the list, grid, half map, or official list page style. You can also attach other properties to a particular property as subunits and show similar properties suggestions in the search result.
  • Map integration – This theme integrates Google Maps and OpenStreetMap to pinpoint the property on an exact location.
  • Features for an agent – Agents can add properties by themselves either for a fee or monthly subscription or for free. You can approve the submissions manually, or let the theme approve automatically. Your users can also edit info from the dashboard.
  • Header, menu, and footer – You have the freedom to choose between 4 menu designs. There are vertical menu and mega menu as well. For the footer column, you have 9 options to select from.

This exquisitely designed real homes WordPress theme is priced at $59.

WP Pro Real Estate 7 Theme

Real Estate WordPress Themes

If you are looking for a world-class WordPress real estate theme, you are at the right spot. WP Pro Real Estate 7 is designed in a way so that you won’t need any other theme for your realty business. With this theme, you can establish a realty business of your own, start a brokerage business, or launch a rental business. The strongest feature of this theme is listing analytics. While other themes just show you numbers or leads, WP Pro Real Estate 7 provides you with trackable data like users’ first and last names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

  • Page builder – With Visual Composer page builder, you have the power to create page and post layouts as you wish.
  • Customizability – This theme gives you the ultimate flexibility of managing all aspects of your site as it is super-customizable.
  • Front end listing support – It has the option of front-end listing submission and management so that you and your agents can submit and manage property listings efficiently.
  • Co-listing support – You can apply one or more agents to a particular listing, display headshots of the agents with their contact and social info.
  • Map integration – WP Pro Real Estate 7 integrates Google Maps with marker clusters, infoboxes, and pins.
  • Booking system – For rental purposes, a booking system is integrated with a calendar.
  • Listings import – To import bulk listings on your site, it has WP All Import integration. It also has dsIDXpress integration.

With all these features and more, the plugin will cost you $59.

MyHome Theme

Real Estate WordPress Themes

If you are looking for a world-class WordPress real estate theme, you are at the right spot. WP Pro Real Estate 7 is designed in a way so that you won’t need any other theme for your realty business. With this theme, you can establish a realty business of your own, start a brokerage business, or launch a rental business. The strongest feature of this theme is listing analytics. While other themes just show you numbers or leads, WP Pro Real Estate 7 provides you with trackable data like users’ first and last names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

  • Page builder – Building pages is easy with this theme as it integrates Visual Composer with lots of demos, add-ons, styles, and layouts.
  • Search functionality – MyHome has done some pretty neat work with their search functionality. Your visitors will get an advanced search option which lets them have instant results. These instant results will help you retain your users more effectively. There are 3 types of search features like dynamic search, classic search, and map search.
  • Property features – You can build a stunning property page with full customization. You can add videos, attachments, and plans to better demonstrate your properties. You can also offer a virtual tour to your users with options to show related properties, nearby properties, and favorite properties.
  • Social authentication and comment support – You can allow your users to register on your site via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Gmail. They can also comment on a property page to get more info on that.
  • Website monetization – You can generate revenue easily as this theme integrates PayPal, Stripe, and Wire Transfer.

If you want to buy this theme, you need to spend 59 USD.

Realtyspace Theme

Real Estate WordPress Themes

The purpose oriented design of Realtyspace, bundled with tons of useful features, will get you an awesome real estate website. It offers 2 drag & drop page builders and one-click demo import option. The different homepage styles, premium plugins, and other cool features will give you a professional-looking website for your business.

  • Page Builder – With the Visual Composer page builder you can build awesome and effective pages for your site.
  • Layouts – This theme offers 5+ homepage layouts, 3+ header variations, 2+ property layouts, and 2+ agent profile variations.
  • Property showcase styles – You can showcase your properties in the grid, list, or table format.
  • Front-end property submission and management – Agents can submit properties free or by payment and you can manage them easily from the dashboard.
  • IDX and maps integration – Realtyspace integrates IDX, RealtyPress, Google Maps, and Street View to provide a better experience to your users.
  • FAQ and testimonials – It has a custom-built FAQ and testimonial module.
  • Multiple currency support – You can show the property price in multiple currencies which will be updated automatically based on exchange rates.

This WordPress real estate theme is priced at $59.

Hometown Theme

Real Estate WordPress Themes

If you are in search of a gorgeous WordPress theme for real estate business, Hometown can serve you decently. Features like property search option, map, slider, front-end login, front-end property submission, payment integration, etc. make this theme ideal for both independent realtors and agencies. When you have a look at all the features, you may see the difference.

  • Page builder – Hometown integrates Visual Composer to build pages easily.
  • Property-related features – Hometown comes with 2 different property sliders. It has a front-end property submission facility, property comparison option, and favorite properties feature.
  • Theme options – It has flexible and user-friendly theme options with custom Meta features.
  • Language and others – You can translate the theme manually via .pot or automatically via WPML and Polylang. It also supports RTL for Middle Eastern countries.
  • Icon font and CAPTCHA – You have the power to import custom icon fonts and use Google reCAPTCHA.
  • Mega menu and sticky header – Hometown supports mega menu and sticky header so you can display your properties more dynamically.
  • Plugins – Hometown integrates dsIDXpress and Optima Express.

$59 is the price of this WordPress theme.

HomePress Theme

Real Estate WordPress Themes

Honestly, this is not just another real estate theme. HomePress comes with uListing plugin. This plugin is perfect for building any listing site. So basically, this theme is ideal for developers. If they want to build listing sites, classified ads sites, or simply a real estate site, this theme will serve all the purposes neatly.

  • Plugins integration – HomePress integrates Elementor, MailChimp, Breadcrumb, Contact Form 7, Header, footer for Elementor, and Yelp.
  • Drag & drop listing builder – HomePress is loaded with uListing, drag & drop listing builder, which can be used to build fully customizable form fields, quick search field, and sorting bar.
  • Features for users – Users can perform an advanced search using filters. They can also perform a radius search.
  • Property features – You can show your user's similar properties, give them the freedom to compare, calculate mortgage, and show nearby places.
  • Virtual tour – Users can have a 360-degree virtual tour of the properties.
  • Payment gateways integration – HomePress integrates PayPal, Stripe, and bank transfer.
  • Maps and stats – This theme integrates Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, and Map Box to deliver better search results to your users. You or your agents can see how many visitors have visited a property page from the built-in statistical chart.

The main catch of HomePress is that it only costs $35.

Nexos Theme

Real Estate WordPress Themes

Nexus is perfect for creating a real estate website. It is based mainly on Bootstrap and CodeIgniter that lets you customize the theme as you want. It is SEO optimized, fully responsive, and easy to use. The multiple headers, images, sliders, and widgets will help you build a stunning website.

  • Page builder – Nexos integrates Visual Composer to build and customize pages seamlessly. To make this process easier, there are lots of widgets in place.
  • Booking system – If you want to develop a rental site, Nexos has an advanced booking system to help you with that.
  • Maps – This theme integrates Google Maps and OpenStreetMaps to provide better search location results.
  • Viewing options – Nexos 5 different property viewing options such as Geo SVG region map, Google Map, Half page, list, and grid.
  • Search functionality – The search form can be customized completely and easily with the drag & drop customization feature. You can also offer Ajax search and live results to your users.
  • Currency converter and mortgage – This theme comes with a currency converter and a mortgage calculator to ease up the process for your visitors.
  • Review system and CAPTCHA – Nexos has a review system and favorites system included. It also supports reCAPTCHA to protect against spam.

If you are thinking about the price; Nexos costs $48.

ZoAcres Theme

Real Estate WordPress Themes

Clean, professional, and intuitive – this is how we can describe our last real estate WordPress theme on the list. ZoAcres was developed by Zozo Themes to let its users create a highly professional real estate site. It comes with Visual Composer plugin to customize the theme by simply dragging and dropping objects. The Revolution Slider also contributes to making the site look stunning.

  • Page builder – To let its users build pages without a sweat, ZoAcres offers Visual Composer page builder.
  • Demo inclusion – ZoAcres includes over 15 demos that you can import quickly and install in just one click.
  • Radius search – Your users can perform radius-based searches and they will get exact search results as the theme integrates Google Maps.
  • User dashboard – It includes an advanced user dashboard form where users can submit, edit, and resubmit their profile information.
  • Print property option and virtual tour – Nexos enables its users to have a print property option with a virtual video tour of the properties. A 360-degree panoramic view option is also included in the theme.
  • Floor plan and mortgage calculation – You can add floor plans for properties and the users can calculate mortgage amounts with detailed interest rates.
  • Header, footer, mega menu – Nexos offers its users unlimited header and footer variations for each page. It supports the mega menu to better showcase your selected properties.

ZoAcres will cost you $59.

Final Words

Actually, there are thousands of real estate WordPress themes in the market. Selecting only 10 among them is quite difficult. We have tried our best to choose from the pool of themes so that our readers can get what they deserve. We kept factors like intuitive design, customizability, automatic updates, price and such while selecting for the list. Though this list contains 8 themes that cost the same. Only 2 are less costly compared to those. So if you are thinking of your budget, go for HomePress or Nexos. If you are a WordPress developer and looking for a theme that you can use on a recurring basis, HomePress is your ultimate choice. For any other real estate need, you may select any of the themes listed here. All the themes listed here can get you a professional real estate website no matter whether you are an independent agent, a brokerage firm, or a listing site owner.

If you are finding some different features that aren’t discussed here, please leave us a comment or shoot an email. We will do thorough research on those and come back to you with all the assistance we can.

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